Innocence for James equals justice for Devin.

A blog from the family of James & Devin

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The fear of the unknown

It would appear that the numerous continuances of the trial prompted by the DA have come to an end. As of today it looks as though trial will commence on Tuesday October 14th. We have nothing to do now but to leave this in the hands of our attorneys and the God of our understanding, in hopes of a just outcome for James & Devin. James continues to walk through this with dignity and grace but this egregiously false accusation has taken it's toll on all involved. Any support you can give, be it prayer, good thoughts, and even attendance of trial would be graciously appreciated by James and the family.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The fight of our lives

A summary of James & Devin:
From the moment of Devin's birth, though he and Devin's mother were not a couple, James dove into fatherhood without reservation and with adoration for his precious son.  He had a zest for life with Devin, and was incredibly protective of him, taking him everywhere he went.  He embraced Devin-hood daily, going hiking, rocking him to sleep - all the while singing loudly (out of key I might add), out to yummy new food adventures, to meet his co-workers, where he showed Devin off proudly, jogging in Devin's rad outfitted jogging stroller, to the movies, the beach, and family events.  Where there was James, there was Devin.  When Devin was sick, James was by his side.  He was the epitome of a great father, protective and strong, yet nurturing and compassionate.  As well, James fully supported his son monetarily, above and beyond what was required of him, so as to give his son the best start in life. It was all tragically removed from him November 14th, 2011, which you will read about further on.  When there are so many unavailable fathers in this world, to deny a loving, and responsible father his child is a true tragedy.

On September 27th, Devin's first birthday, as James was planning a birthday celebration for him, Devin was dropped off by the Adams family at the home of James.  Within 30 minutes, Devin began exhibiting symptoms of what experts believe to have been a stroke, caused by a series of injuries, sustained when he fell from a stroller onto concrete, while with his mother, only two days prior, and then exacerbated by a trip to Disneyland, where rides and another bump to the head aided his decline in health. James immediately called 911 & Devin was rushed to Pomona Valley ER via paramedics/ambulance, and then medically transported to Loma Linda pediatric intensive care.

Friday, September 30th, 2011, it was discovered that Devin had had a stroke, some undetermined time prior and it was immediately recommended that he have brain surgery.  Contrary to the neurologists grave prognosis, the surgery went surprisingly well and Devin has made many miraculous recoveries over the past 2.5 years.

James stood by his side, taking a leave from work and living in Loma Linda for 6 weeks.  As well, James entire family (including Devin's paternal grandmother, Deborah and Devin's aunt, Rebecca) spent long hours by Devin's bedside in attempt to support James through his grief.  Cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, & great-great grandparents all came in support of Devin & James, the family surrounding him with love and prayer.

Incredulously, on November 14th 2011, with NO evidence to support the arrest, James was taken into police custody.  Heart breakingly, James was in jail for 3 months, until his family could come together and post bail.  On a lighter note, even in the hell that jail was for James, he took the kind and humane approach and immediately spent his time 'working' with fellow inmates, teaching art, and creating art for them to send home to their loved ones.  Go figure! He came out a changed man, in many ways for the better.

Though we cannot comment on all the particulars of the case, due to confidentiality measures, suffice to say there is nothing to support this trumped up witch hunt. And in fact, there are mountains of glaring evidence to the contrary. ALL involved who know James, including his legal team and expert witnesses know that his innocence goes without saying.  Via esteemed experts from Cedars-sinai ''It is impossible that this injury was sustained on James watch due to the timing and nature of the injury.''  However, here we are 2.5 years later and over 150,000 in legal fees, pushed trial dates (some by the D.A) and our inability to have our beloved Devin as part of our family.  Never in the past, has James exhibited any signs of anger or violence, as he is a very gentle spirit by nature.

Currently, we await a trial date of May 19th, 2014 and we are told it will not be pushed back further.

If you think you have freedom, think again. James is an example of the failure of our judicial system. Innocent people do slip through the cracks, and it happens far more often then we’d like to imagine. Though the support and pulling together has been incredible, this has been a very difficult emotional and financial drain on our family and close friends.  Astonishingly, James continues to walk through the trauma with grace, showing up daily for his life and work, paying legal fees, and paying forward what has been given to him. He has had the support of his long term girlfriend, Emely and was immediately welcomed back to his job by management who supports him and believes in his innocence.

At the end of the day, when James is found innocent, the grief and the trauma he has experienced will have changed him forever.  As well, the lost years with his son that he can never get back.  The lost years for all of us... with our family’s baby Devin.  At the end of this we hope that walking through this unthinkable loss will have made life more beautiful in a tainted sort of way, because we’ll now know whats important.

We will be doing this blog in support of James and updating at least twice a week as a countdown toward trial.  PLEASE provide James, Devin and our family with your support, positive thoughts or prayers as we continue.  As well, anyone who cares to attend the trial would be appreciated, as support shown for James is very important.  Any form of monetary donation is graciously appreciated and would go directly into the legal fund.

We thank you in advance for any love you give us as we journey this unknown path.
"Traveler, your footprints are the path and nothing more;
 Traveler, there is not path.
 The path is made by walking.
 By walking the path is made
 And when you look back
 You'll see a road
 Never to be trodden again.
 Traveler, there is no path,
 Only trails across the sea......"